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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan. 8: Glenn Wool

I don't know how I missed Glenn Wool back in 1995 but I did. He started out his stand-up comedy career here in Vancouver and performed around town (I'm assuming) until he up and moved to England, where he lived for the next decade-plus. I was around in town from '95-98, but our paths never crossed. I wasn't writing about comedy on a regular basis then, but I was surely going out to shows, albeit not as frequently. It's a shame because it's always interesting to witness career arcs, watch comics progress and evolve. All I know is what I've seen since he already established himself as one of the top stand-ups in the UK and, hence, the English-speaking world. He's not nearly as well-known on this side of the Atlantic as he should be. Not even here in BC, where he's from. But all that's about to change with tonight's visit to What's So Funny?, the long-running star-making radio show/podcast... or not. But at least you'll get to know more about Wool than you knew before.

He was supposed to join us last year but had to cancel due to blowing out his voice at the Vogue Theatre the night before. Here's hoping he spent the day gargling hot tea and honey and sipping Listerene. He's going to need his voice not only for our show, but check out that UK tour he's got coming up starting next week. Told ya he was big over there.

As usual, we're on the air from 11 pm PST to midnight on CFRO, 102.7 FM, in Vancouver or livestream us at

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