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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Podcast episode 261ish: Dylan Rhymer

Dylan Rhymer became the first guest of this leap year, 2012, when he dropped by the What's So Funny? studios on January 1st. He also helped set a record for the longest episode in series history at 1 hour 18 minutes 22 seconds, beating out the last episode of 2011 featuring Harry Doupe, who clocked in at an already impressive 1 hour 16 minutes 7 seconds. (For the record, third place goes to Larry Miller at 1 hour 10 minutes 52 seconds.)

But it's not about time, it's about content. And there's never a shortage of topics to talk about when Dylan's around. We discussed old-timey radio, religiosity, bike lanes, parliamentary assholes, public breastfeeding, North Korea and more.

So here you go. Have at 'er. Click and listen. Or download at iTunes. Your call.

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