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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan. 15: Comedy clips

We are guest-less tonight. But as luck would have it, this week I acquired 15 new comedy CDs. So we'll be hearing from a selection of those. Not sure what I'll draw from yet, but it'll be stuff you haven't heard on the show before. One of them you haven't heard anywhere else before because it's not released to the general public until the end of this month. So you'll definitely be hearing a cut from John Mulaney's new album "New in Town". And for the rest of the hour you'll hear from some of the following:
  • Marc Maron "This Has to be Funny"
  • Michael Ian Black "Very Famous"
  • Mo Mandel "The M-Word"
  • Pete Holmes "Impregnated with Wonder"
  • Doug Benson "Potty Mouth"
  • Tom Papa "Live in New York City"
  • The Beards of Comedy (Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, T.J. Young, Dave Stone) "Cardio Mix"
  • Lewis Black "The Prophet"
  • T.J. Miller "The Extended Play EP"
  • Rachel Feinstein "Thug Tears"
  • Ryan Stout "Touché"
  • Wyatt Cenac "Comedy Person"
  • Carlos Mencia "New Territory"
  • Patton Oswalt "Finest Hour"
If there's something there you really want to hear, let me know somehow. Maybe a comment below, maybe a Tweet to @GuyMacPherson, maybe an email. But remember, show starts at 11.


Anonymous said...

Just my luck, the one time the crappy radio at work gets your program it's all comedy clips. Good luck though since they were awesome clips. I'll look into those you tube clips of the show you mentioned as well.


Guy MacPherson said...

They're all here on the blog, too, Jude. Search the YouTube label. Here, I did it for you: