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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Podcast episode 263ish: Kliph Nesteroff

Since young Kliph Nesteroff last joined us in 2006, he's gone on to become the preeminent comedy historian in North America. Only he hates the word 'historian', as he tells us on this 90-minute podcast episode. Yes, 90 minutes. He's got so many great anecdotes about the greats he's interviewed in the last few years that we had to send this one into overtime. He not only tells the stories, he impersonates the old-times. Performers like Shecky Greene, Jack Carter, Marty Allen, Marvin Kaplan, and George Schlatter. He doesn't impersonate the master impressionist Marilyn Michaels, though, but he talks about her, too. And Bill Dana. And Dick Cavett. Oh, it's a good one. Enjoy.

Listen here now. Or download the episode on iTunes.

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