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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan. 22: Kliph Nesteroff

Kliph Nesteroff has guested on What's So Funny? four times. But not since 2006 when he was but a vintage comedy enthusiast. Now he's one of the top comedy historians in North America. His work on WFMU's Beware of the Blog and his own site, Classic Television Showbiz, has been cited by the likes of the Guardian, Vanity Fair, the Onion AV Club, and WTF with Marc Maron. Not bad for a punk kid who used to do stand-up in dives around town.

Kliph has interviewed just about every comedy veteran over the age of 70, and a few under, from Rusty Warren to Shecky Greene, from Steve Martin to Norm Crosby, from Rich Little to Jack Carter. His depth of knowledge blows his subjects away and they, in turn, recommend him to their peers.

Tonight, we'll hear some anecdotes about these characters and find out who's on his radar. Kliph has fans all over the US and Canada, so we'll open up the phone lines, too, and you can ask him anything. The phone number is 604-684-7561. If you're outside the city, livestream the show at We go from 11 to midnight PST.


tenspeed said...

great interview but the pod cast get cut short : (

Guy MacPherson said...

Yeah, we ran long. There was lots more. Keep in mind the station "podcast" is just a raw feed. It also cuts off rught after our time slot. Since no live programming comes on directly after us, we went about 30 minutes longer. I post the official show podcast a week after the original air date. They're available here on the blog, at comedy (where they're housed), and on iTunes. Check back next week to hear the whole thing.

tenspeed said...

thanks a lot guy. I listen some what regularly and called in to once. I am now a subscriber and will listen on the computer.