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Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1: Maz Jobrani

A couple weeks ago, the Iranian-American comic Maz Jobrani was in town for his "Brown & Friendly" tour. As so often happens with visiting comics, they skip town on Sunday afternoon and aren't able to do my show that night. On rare occasions I think ahead and pre-record an interview with them. I was on the ball this time. Maz was able to talk to me in his dressing room at the Commodore about an hour prior to his show. Unfortunately, he could only talk for half an hour. But whatever. I won't hold that against him. He was as friendly as all get out.

So tonight, I'll play that interview and we'll fill out the rest of the hour with comedy clips. Some, perhaps, even from Jobrani himself. How's that?

Okay, nap time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there. Wow not many comments going on it seems. Probably just people intimidated by the "identity" stuff below the word verification. Anyway enjoyed the show. I've been following that history of comedy thing on PBS too, had forgotten how awesome W. C. Fields is. Wonder if there's any of his stuff on tape... For some reason the screen gets cut off on the edges on my tv though. All the more reason to enjoy radio I guess.