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Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8: Sugar Sammy

Happy Sunday, all. I'm just back from my first ever Alpine experience. Not that I went skiing or anything crazy like that. No, that record stays. But tubing is awesome, dude (I think that's what they say on the slopes). Here's proof:

But enough about me. I've got a show to prepare for... after the requisite nap, that is. Sam Khullar will be our guest tonight. Who's that, you say? Why, it's Sugar Sammy, who's transitioning into his real name as he matures into a grown-up. Sammy flew into town this very day and he'll be in studio with us tonight for his third visit to the program. This guy is suave and hilarious and I'm betting he'll be bigger than Russell Peters some day. Why the comparison with Peters? It's not fair, really, but they're both Indo-Canadians so it's the easy comparison. And I'm all about taking the easy way out.

The good folks at Just For Laughs are sending Sammy all across the country (or at least the JFL version of Canada that ends in Montreal) on a solo tour. He plays The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts (aka the Catchiest Theatre Name in the Business) on Friday, Feb. 13. Yes, Friday the 13th for you horror fans. And on Valentine's Day night he'll be in Surrey at the Bell Performing Arts Centre. But tonight is when you'll really get to know the man behind the Sugar Sammy persona.

: Joining us tonight will be this guy, Daliso Chaponda, who's from Malawi via the UK and Canada and also is Sam's opening act on this tour.

UPDATE: Forget the This Just In addendum. It's just Sugar Sammy on the show. Daliso is jet-lagged. But do check out his blog and website. They're pretty good.


Anonymous said...

He certainly got some great write-ups in the daily newspapers (I think it was the Vancouver Sun).
Nice to know that society's emotional landscape allows for more than one Indo-Canadian comic, more than one African-Canadian comic, more than one Disgruntled White Anglo-Saxon Male comic (hey, that's most of 'em).


Anonymous said...

I was tempted to phone last week but there was that long distance call from Montreal so I figured it filled the quota. Also the only question I could come up with was how to pick up Punjabi women. I swear the girl at work has a whole sexy Bollywood librarian thing going on with those glasses... Anyway here's a thought. Which Letterman interview was more awkward, Michael Richards or Rod Blagoyovich?

Guy MacPherson said...

Should Jaoquin Phoenix be on that list of awkward interviews, too?