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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Podcast Yourself

I do believe not too long ago I mentioned the podcast that's taking the internet by storm, Stop Podcasting Yourself, hosted by Vancouver's own Dave Shumka and Graham Clark. Maybe that one mention got me booked on the program. Either that, or after 54 episodes they'd finally run out of decent guests. Be that as it may (and I think you'll all agree that it may), there I was on Saturday afternoon drinking brewskies* and eating Hershey's Kisses at Shumka's place, recording episode #55. Billed as "Vancouver's top comedy podcast", it's an hour-plus of shooting the shit. I was out of my element not asking questions and trying to keep up with two top comedic minds, but I hung in there.

Dave harangued me about not laughing, but here's the thing: I just listened to the show, and I gotta say I laughed (in my own inimitable way) at least as much as Shumka. Clark is in a league of his own, though.

Check out the show. If you haven't heard any of the previous 54, you should listen to some when they have actual funny guests.

Meanwhile, they have this posted on their latest blog entry, but it's deserves even more exposure. A little film by the name of "Fudge Cops", starring both Clark and Shumka, hit the YouTube station over a year ago and to date has 473 views. Let's get that number up, people. It's 1:12 of action-packed hilarity:

* I'm pretty sure Shumka would find that expression "douchey".

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