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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1: David C. Jones

March already? Seriously? That's good, I guess. Only six more months until summer!

Meanwhile, the show marches on. Tonight our guest is Mr. David C. Jones. I figure if you've got a middle initial, you need Mr. in front of your name. Even if that initial is for something as zany and kooky as "Comedy". My guess is he needed the C. in there to separate himself from diminutive dreamboat Davey Jones, of Monkees fame.

This Jones is a man of many, many hats: Actor, writer, producer, director, teacher, comedian, emcee. That's six hats, folks. And not one of them a baseball cap. Tonight we'll be touching on many of these chapeaus. One of the topics will almost certainly be this fascinating bit of merde disturbing Jones was in the centre of. We'll hammer out a solution and be saviours to thespians everywhere. We'll also talk about his upcoming gig in Rome. And he's bringing along the comedy stylings of Dudley Moore & Peter Cooke as well as former WSF? guest, Richard Side. And we'll play those very stylings if our equipment works. That's a promise to you, the listener.

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