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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New old interviews

Finally getting around to posting some more transcripted interviews. Got more on the way, too. So if you haven't noticed already on the comedycouch home page, there are four new ones for your reading pleasure. There's Dave Coulier, of Full House fame, from October of 2007, Greg Behrendt, of He's Just Not That Into You fame, from November 6, 2007, Tom Papa, of... um... I guess Bee Movie fame, from November 7, 2007, and a new one from Brent Butt, of Corner Gas fame, from January of 2008.

Happy reading, everyone. Oh, and vote in the new poll over there on the right.


Anonymous said...

are you sure "transcripted" is a word? if it was anyone else i'd just say "hey, bozo" but as it's you, the william safire of . . . of . . . your block, then i don't know. and are you sure i'm supposed to capitalize some words?

Guy MacPherson said...

Um... I was being... um... playful with the language...? Yeah, yeah, it's transcribed. You don't think I edit these blogs, do you?