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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19: Derek Edwards

Everyone's favourite comic is our guest tonight. Derek Edwards is, without question, one of the best stand-up comedians this country has ever produced. He's currently on his cross-country tour, a one-man show (code for extra long stand-up set) called The Other Shoe Drops. If you're reading this from anywhere inside the borders of the great Dominion, chances are he's either coming to a city near you soon or has just been. The tour takes him to 60 cities. Well, cities might be a generous term. I don't think there are 60 cities in the whole country. So let's say 60 communities.

The Timmons-raised funnyman calls Toronto home, but he's a small-town guy at heart. Edwards is one of those naturally hilarious storytelling comics. His very essence oozes funny. The rhythm and cadence of his voice, the way he holds himself, his hangdog face... all add to his already top-notch material to make him universally loved and respected. So, needless to say, we were lucky to get him on the show.

The show was recorded in his hotel room in North Vancouver this past Friday, April 17. In the hour-long conversation, we talk about his insecurities, his work ethic instilled by his funny dad, the odds of him being his biggest critic, and the degrees of separation between him and Shania Twain, among lots of other stuff.

So listen, won't you? You know the time: 11 pm to midnight PST, 102.7 FM in Vancouver or on the internet via live streaming anywhere in the word here.

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