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Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 26: Urban Improv

I'm slowly catching up to technology. Today is our very first ever vlog. I'm not even happy with the term 'blog', so you can imagine what I think of 'vlog'. But it might be worth doing on occasion.

Eric Fell dropped by the What's So Funny? Skype studio to plug his cherry-breaking appearance tomorrow night. We chat. You can see us. It's a first for us:

So to recap: We have a record-breaking number of guests in studio tomorrow night. They include Eric Fell, Roman Danylo, Diana Frances, Ian Boothby, Shaun Stewart, Jennifer Perrin and Andrew Barber. And maybe more. Seven guests, three microphones. You do the math. Should be fun.

(Shortly after hanging up the computer with Eric, fellow Urban Improv'er Drew McCreadie gave us a dingle all the way from Toronto. That video will run sometime next week.)


Eric Fell said...

My face looks fat from that angle.

Fatface Eric.

Guy MacPherson said...

My face looks old from that angle.

Or from any angle, now that I think about it.