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Monday, April 20, 2009

New interview; 1000th reader

How many of you are Andrew "Dice" Clay fans? I can't say I am. I never got into him. What I did hear never resonated with me. However, I'm always extremely interested in entertainers who struck a chord with the masses and/or have enjoyed a long, successful career, whether I dig their comedy or not.

So I was happy to talk with Clay in February of 2008. That transcript is now available on the Comedy Couch. In it, Clay talks about the difference between himself and the "Dice" character, but I didn't discern any great chasm between the two. Of course, I realize he was talking to me to promote an upcoming appearance by his blowhard persona, so I'm sure I didn't get the real Andrew Clay. Still, it was an interesting chat, I thought. Read it here.

We've reached a milestone. This blog recorded its 1000th hit tonight. Shortly after midnight on April 20, someone in Los Angeles (you know who you are) checked in, spending one minute, 57 seconds perusing the site. One thousand. Can you wrap your head around that number? The mind reels. If you're keeping track at home, that's a whopping 22 visits per day.

So to you, Mr. or Ms. 1000, I salute you.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 1000! Let us know when you reach 1000 comments, which I am sure will be any day now if it hasn't already happened... In a side note, has anyone been going to that Zawa's comedy show on Commercial Drive? The only thing more fun than taking in a show with an audience of 6 people is if one of those 6 is a crazy heckler. Sean Proudlove did great as a fill in host anyway. Here's a joke.

The youtube orchestra had their first performance last week. Myspace is also trying to build an orchestra, but they're having trouble finding pedophiles who can play the violin.