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Saturday, June 26, 2010

VHS Vault: Ian Bagg

Remember when Ian Bagg was Canadian? He's been Stateside for more than 15 years now. But he did start his career in Vancouver, so we will always claim him. Hell, we still claim Cheech & Chong because they met and formed here even though they never did more than one show in town.

I had Bagg on What's So Funny? back in February. Last weekend he played The Comedy Mix so I got the chance to review him in the Georgia Straight, and you can read it here.

So it's kind of a coincidence that I dredged up this old video of a young Bagg at the Just For Laughs festival. It's from... oh, let's say 2000. So I guess he was already living in the U.S. But he just seems so much more Canadian.

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