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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27: Irwin Barker

The late, great stand-up comic/writer Irwin Barker passed away last Monday and the country is still in mourning. I have no idea why flags are at half-mast around the city the last little while but I choose to believe they're for Irwin.

Barker was a guest twice on our little program, once in 2005 when we were six months in, and again in 2008, when he was one year into his diagnosis of terminal cancer. Tonight on What's So Funny? we're going to play clips from those two interviews with the man as well as some clips of his comedy.

The photo, courtesy of Kevin Statham, shows Irwin second from the right, at a benefit for cancer at the River Rock Show Theatre. From left to right, there's Brent Butt, Mark Critch, Tim Steeves, Tim Rykert, Barker, and Graham Clark.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you caught it, but it looked like channel 9 (that's CTV I think) was playing a documentary on Mr. Barker a couple days ago. Some funny bits in it from what I saw, lots of other comics remembering him and showing that combining humour with illness is far from impossible.


Guy MacPherson said...

I didn't catch it this time around but heard it was on. I've seen it before, though. In fact, my mug filled the screen for an uncomfortable few seconds early in the program. Anyway, yes, Irwin definitely could find humour in his illness... and anything else.