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Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20: Dave Shumka

On this Father's Day and last day of spring, we welcome non-father and man of all seasons, Dave Shumka. A couple weeks ago, we had Dave's Stop Podcasting Yourself partner Graham Clark on and I tried to get Clark to admit he was the real star of SPY. Clark wouldn't bite. But it was all a joke. Clearly. Because it's obvious that Shumka is the one driving the amazingly popular podcast. He's wearing the neatly-trimmed beard in that relationship. And he's the one who wowed the crowd in Los Angeles through eight hours of an on-line fund drive. His big name American cohorts called him The Sniper because of his perfectly-timed zingers.

I don't remember much about the first time Shumka guested on What's So Funny? but I do remember having a great time. I didn't know him then as well as I do now, but he was a funny and engaging guest. And with his new-found fame and popularity, no doubt he's got way more stories to regale us with.

All the info on the show is over in the right-hand panel, but I'll save you the trouble: 11 pm to midnight PST, CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver, live-streamed at and in a week (or so) it'll be available as a podcast on iTunes. There you go.


Anonymous said...

Wow I guess your site is popular enough to get the attention of the spammers. A new high Guy, welcome to the big leagues! Also I had no idea Shumka meant whirlwind in Ukrainian. That's kind of awesome... I had some nice Ukrainian chicken schnitzel at a restaurant on Denman last week. Good cuisine from that part of the world.


Guy MacPherson said...

Yes, there was spam there, but I've now deleted it. I've had a few other spams before this but I caught them before you could read them, Jude. Yes, this site is popular, indeed!