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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec. 26: No show

What day is it? Sunday? Let me double-check that... Yep, Sunday. I lost track of time. Not only did we hop on a plane on Christmas afternoon, fly 60 minutes and – presto! – white Christmas, but we're stuck in a house with no wi-fi! Can you believe it in this day and age? Barbaric. So I'm lost, basically. Blinded by the snow.

Normally this is show day. But not this week. Nor next. If you tune in, you'll get the second hour of the show that usually precedes ours. We're nowhere to be found. But we deserve a break, don't we? Here's a rundown of all our guests in 2010:
Ian Boothby
Jane Stanton
Sean Proudlove
Peter Kelamis
Paul Provenza
Daniel Packard
Charlie Demers
Ian Bagg
Carter Hortie
Jy Harris
Allyson Smith
Sean Kent
Steve Patterson
Vince Fluek
Sugar Sammy
Lars Callieou
Phil Hanley
Tom Segura
Kevin Foxx
Damonde Tschritter
Graham Clark
Ryan Beil
Dave Shumka
Todd Graham
Doug Stanhope
Neil Hamburger
Tyler Fortin
Shauna Johannesen
Will Davis
Nathan Clark
Toby Berner
Brian Anderson
Dan Quinn
Leena Manro
Munish Sharma
Iliza Shlesinger
Matt Kirshen
Art Factora
Matt Billon
Tetsuro Shigematsu
Michelle Shaughnessy
Shlomo McPeakowitz
Paul F. Tompkins
Andrew Carr
Paul Bae
Not a bad list at all. A big thanks to all of them. And there'll be lots more in 2011.

Oh, and don't forget to tune in to Global tonight at 10 to see the Vancouver comedy festival in action. One night of it, anyway.

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