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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 5: Paul F. Tompkins

With the glut of comedy podcasts on the free market, I have one rule of thumb in sorting through the multitudinous ersatz broadcasts: Is Paul F. Tompkins a guest? If so, I'm there. He is without peer as a guest when he sits down with his fellow comics and shoots the breeze. I talked about it a bit in a feature I did on Tompkins for the Georgia Straight a few weeks ago. So without repeating myself, you can follow the link and read all about it.

Tonight's show features a half-hour phone interview I did with Tompkins prior to his visit here. It's unlike anything you've ever heard from Tompkins before. Because he's not being funny. Probably because 1) he doesn't know me, and b) I'm not a fellow comic. So don't expect laughs. There are a few titters, but it's largely informational. But where else are you going to get his actual take on subjects near and dear to his heart? Nowhere, I tells ya! You'll hear him talk about his last trip here where he riffed a whole set to drunken yahoos at Yuk Yuk's, as well as podcasts in general, his Pod F. Tompcast in specific, his take on alternative comedy, and a few other nuggets. I'll sandwich the interview between some clips from his comedy albums so he will make you laugh at other points during the hour. So tune in. Tonight at 11. All the info for radio and live streaming is over there in the right-hand panel.

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Unknown said...

totally agree. PFT is a comedy curator.