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Friday, March 11, 2011

For realsies this time

On Feb. 17, this space posted that Vancouver comic Phil Hanley would make his debut on CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Well, he got bumped. That's show biz.

But set your PVRs, ladies and germs, because young Mr. Hanley just wrote me to say he'll be on tonight! Presumably, given it's already late in the day and these shows aren't really live, it's for sure this time. So tune in at 12:35 after Letterman on a CBS affiliate in your area. Hanley is hilarious and no doubt it'll be a great set.

As a companion piece, to get ready for Phil's big break, go download the last time he appeared on What's So Funny? in May 2010. It was a really fun show.

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