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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar. 6: Marke Driesschen

We've got a pretty big system on its way tonight, folks. Expect lots of stimulating discussion with periods of laughter as TV's Marke Driesschen makes his What's So Funny? debut. Why a weatherdude, you're asking? Who's next, Wayne Cox and Tamara Taggart? No, rest easy, although I'd love to have on former weathercaster Norm Grohmann, who at least had a comedy background like tonight's guest.

That's right. Maybe you didn't know it but Driesschen used to do improv comedy in Saskatoon and he still does stand-up. On occasion, anyway. I haven't seen him prowl the stage recently but he assures me he's going to get back into it. He's opened for the likes of Dennis Miller, Steven Wright, Louie Anderson and Gilbert Gottfried and no doubt has stories from back in the day of a young Louis CK and Chris Rock. Marke has also got the market cornered on playing reporters in movies and on series television. I'll never forget his work as a play-by-play radio ski announcer in the epic Mr. Magoo. I'll get to do my James Lipton impression as we talk about his movie career. And we'll also get his long-range forecast. Details at 11.

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