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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stoked: Butt is back!

I've said it before, I'll say it again: At the top of his game, there's no funnier stand-up comic around than Brent Butt. Unfortunately, his TV work (Corner Gas, Hiccups) has taken him out of the stand-up scene for a while. Oh, sure, he'll occasionally play a high-priced casino theatre event every other month or so, but those gigs are always a little impersonal. When he was performing weekly at the old Urban Well, whether before a packed house in Kits or before seven lost souls downtown, there was nobody better.

Great news: Butt is back! Back in a club where he belongs. He was never a Yuk Yuk's guy so he never played the club on Burrard St. but now that it's the independently-owned Comedy Mix, he's going to be playing six shows there, April 13-16. Don't expect nothing but the classic routines about Fabio on a roller coaster, growing up in a small town, his childhood diet or wrestling. He may break some of those oldies but goodies out, but the purpose of his visit is to work out some new bits. Fear not, though: Brent can't be not funny... or can't not be funny... or, if double negatives aren't your thing, he's always funny. Off-stage, some comics sound like just about anyone, i.e. not particularly witty. But Butt's comedic mind is always working and, more importantly, sharp. He learned well from his older brothers – he doesn't try too hard; he's just naturally, and easily, quick-witted.

And check out those prices! You can't beat that for someone of his ilk. Knowing how he sells out 1000-seat theatres at three times the cost, you can be assured he'll sell out fast at the Mix. (I sound like a shill. Really, I'm just excited.)

After all these years, the night Brent dropped by the What's So Funny? studio remains one of the best episodes. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend it. Have a listen here or download it at iTunes:

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