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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Bingo! Nailed it. Last night I rooted around the internet trying to figure out who might be opening the new YukYuks Comedy Club on Cambie and when that opening might be. I knew it had to be before the end of March but couldn't pin an exact date down. I did guess, though, that the first headliner to appear would be the inimitable Emo Philips.

Sure enough, today the club announced Emo Philips would be the opening night draw and the date is Thursday, March 22. That's two and a half weeks away. It'll be great to have another professional comedy presence in the city. With three clubs in the lower mainland now, it means not only more work for local comics, it means the comedy consumer has a greater choice in who they go see. And if all three are bringing in comics you'd like to catch on a particular weekend, no problem. Go to, say, YukYuks on a Thursday, the Comedy MIX on a Friday, and Laff Lines on a Saturday – or any such order you choose. Now the bigger question: Can the area support three clubs? We'll find out. I happen to think it can, but I'm a glass half full type.

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