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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it finally YukYuks time?

We take you back now almost two years when YukYuks Comedy Club head office in Toronto breathlessly announced, "YukYuks to open four new venues in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland... beginning summer 2010." Well, here we are in March 2012 and it looks like one of those four new venues is set to open.

I peeked into the "downtown" Vancouver room a few days ago (it's actually at 2837 Cambie near 12th) and it's looking like a real comedy club in there! Photos are on the wall, the stage and backdrop are set up... As Freddie Prinz might say, if he were still alive and desperately clinging to his catch phrase, "Lookin' gooood."

They're still mum on when the official opening is and who they've hired to to kick things off, but I did some sleuthing and have bits and pieces of information. It looks like they will be open some time in April, since former Vancouverite Darryl Lenox's website says he'll be playing the club April 26-28. Another name I was able to find was Aaron Berg, whose website says he'll be here May 3-5.

So far so good, but who is opening and when. I took a shot in the dark and came up with a probably name: Emo Philips. I was trying to think of recognizable names that had played the old YukYuks and who hadn't been to town in a while so I checked his website. Presto! It says, "Please witness my act in Joshua Tree, California (March 17), Ventura, California (April 27 & 28), Vancouver, Canada (exact date coming very soon)" (bold and italics mine)

Now, it's possible he's playing the MIX but I've seen their schedule for the next while and he's not on it. Maybe he's playing Lafflines, but if so it'll be a first. So my bet is YukYuks. I'm good with that choice. Emo is one of the greatest joke writers in all of comedy.

It's fun playing investigative journalist. If I track down any more names or a firm opening date I'll post it here. I see the website for the Vancouver venue has a contest. Guess the opening date and win four tickets to opening night: "Pick a date between January 1st and March 31st and you can win!" That implies they'll be open by the end of this month. Looks like your odds are increasing daily.

Hopefully I won't have to come back on here with hat in hand and retract my bold predictions. (Full disclosure: I know the YukYuks franchisee, Garry Yuill, from life outside comedy but he won't tell me a thing. I did this all on my own, thank you very much!)

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