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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mar. 4: Paul Hooper

Paul Hooper
We've got a good – and damn compelling – show for you tonight on What's So Funny? North Carolinian comic Paul Hooper was here recently for the comedy festival and I had the chance to sit and talk to him the morning before he left. And oh the stories he told! You know The Hangover? Well, he wasn't in it but he lived it. Hooper was a blackout drunk for about eight years before a drunken prank involving several police cars turned his life around. While he was able to get a hold of his alcohol intake problem, his OCD still surfaces in some pretty amusing ways – well, amusing to hear; maybe not so amusing to live through. We had a good talk. If you missed his shows at the festival, I understand he'll be coming back to town in May to headline Laff Lines.

So that gets going at 11 pm PST tonight on CFRO, 102.7 in Vancouver, or you can livestream it at

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