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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Podcast episode 299ish: Brent Butt

This one was seven years in the making. At least it felt like it. No, wait, that sounds wrong. Let me explain. Brent Butt first graced our studio back in the early days. December 2005, to be exact. Seven years later, to the month, he returned to talk about Corner Gas, Hiccups, his new movie No Clue, corporate gigs, working blue, and getting soft. It was a good one, as to be expected. He's a pro's pro who can't help but be funny even when he's being serious. A perfect guest, in other words.

Have a listen right here, right now at this gizmo below. Or why not savour the episode by downloading it at a podcast distributor of your preference, such as iTunes, then listen to it over and over again on your personal listening device.

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