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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Podcast episode 300ish: Richard Lett

The kinder, gentler Richard Lett (left) and puppy
Is this a milestone episode? Number 300? We've done more shows than 300 on the radio, but I have no idea how many (which explains why I always use the qualifying suffix -ish in the count). But I suppose it's something. And what better guest to ring in podcast episode 300 than Richard Lett. Last week I wrote that it would be his sixth appearance, but further digging reveals it was actually his seventh time with us in studio. But this might have been Lett at his most lucid, now that he's sober (but never clean) for almost three years. In this episode we talked about his obsession with quitting things, his move to Toronto, and making amends. Along the way, he recites a poem he wrote in tribute to Tom Waits, deconstructs a fart joke, and itemizes our sometimes confrontational relationship over the years. It's a good one, as it always is with him.

So here you go. Episode 300. Cherish it. Listen right here, right now, by clicking on the gizmo below or download it at iTunes at no cost to you.

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Anonymous said...

Terrific clip show last night, I've been a Fountains of Wayne fan since I heard them on that cartoon whose name I forget...