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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Podcast episode 320ish: Steve Bays

Well, look what we have here! Another podcast episode. I know they've been scarce this summer, but as guest Steve Bays says in this one, it was also the driest July on record. So maybe we were just trying to match the weather, guest-wise.

Raw dawg Steve Bays makes his annual visit in this one and we had a good time talking about all sorts of things. Like what, you ask? Like his aversion to the definite article, for one thing. About what kind of nightmares he has. And why he'd invite Larry Flint to dinner. We also play a track from his new band's new album. That'd be Fur Trade with the song Kids These Days. His other band, Mounties, provides the brief intro: Headphones. No track from his third/first band Hot Hot Heat, though. It's not a rock 'n' roll show, kids. Take what you're given and be happy with it.

In case you've forgotten the drill, just click below to start streaming the episode. Or, if you'd rather, go on over to iTunes or CastRoller or Player.FM or... you get the idea... and download it for convenient listening later. That works, too.

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