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Friday, September 27, 2013

Podcast episode 322ish: Ewan Currie

Ewan Currie not doing standup
Catching up on the podcast entries. I've got a flurry of them this week, starting out with Mr. Ewan Currie of the rock and roll outfit called The Sheepdogs. If you're wondering which Sheepdog he is, he's the long-haired one. They're a straight-ahead rock band; they don't sing funny novelty songs. So why, you ask yourself, is he guesting on What's So Funny? Glad you asked: Because I asked him and he said yes. He's also a really big comedy fan. So big, in fact, he wanted to become a standup comedian when he was in high school. He even performed – and killed! – for his high school. Sure, it was using someone else's act, but you gotta start somewhere. To find out whose act it was, you've got to listen to the show.

We also talk about his Aussie beginnings – yes, that's right, Mr. Saskatchewan was actually born down under – I plant the seeds of turmoil in the band, he opines on shampoo and Tim Horton's, and we play a home-made version of The $20,000 Pyramid. I perhaps should have explained the rules better.

So have a listen. You can click below or, preferably, go download it at iTunes where you'll give us a star-rating and comment. It would be the decent thing to do.

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