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Friday, September 27, 2013

Podcast episode 323ish: Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony getting ready for Arsenio
On the heels of the very popular Ewan Currie episode, we now bring you the Paul Anthony episode. I told you I was catching up this week. Paul visited us a couple weeks ago and talked all about the fun time he had on the new Arsenio Hall show. It was the best night of his life! (we need an irony emoticon) We also talked about his impending fatherhood, his confidence crisis about performing standup, and his latest film work. You'll have to guess which film it is and who stars in it because it's heavily bleeped. These things are top secret, afterall.

I know Paul's been asked a lot lately about the Arsenio debacle. Now you won't have to ask him anymore. Just listen to the show. Either right here below or check it out on iTunes.

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