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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 breakdown

I'm a little late with our 2013 breakdown. But only a little bit. Big thanks to all What's So Funny? guests last year.

We were a little light on the number of guested shows. In 2009, we did 42 shows with guests; in 2010 we had 38; in 2011 we had 44 (with a total of 53 guests thanks to some doubling up); and in 2012 we had 41 (with 47 total guests). This past year marked our low point, thanks to a summer of takin' it easy. But all in all, we finished with a respectable 35 shows (with a total of 37 guests). So big ups to the following, listed here in order of appearance:

  1. Paul Hooper
  2. Shirley Gnome
  3. Monica Hamburg
  4. Kyle Jones
  5. Gerry Swallow
  6. Dino Archie
  7. Sunee Dhaliwal
  8. Nelson Giles
  9. Hari Kondabolu
  10. Darren Frost
  11. Kenny Robinson
  12. Karen O'Keefe
  13. Matt Davis
  14. Marcus Ryan
  15. Shaun Majumder
  16. Mark Leiren-Young
  17. Darrin Rose
  18. Dave Merheje
  19. Kevin Foxx
  20. Kyle Bottom
  21. Steve Bays
  22. Jeff McEnery
  23. Ewan Currie
  24. Paul Anthony
  25. Ryan Hamilton
  26. Brian Regan
  27. Dave Nystrom
  28. Michael Gelbart
  29. Alan Zweig
  30. Godfrey
  31. Adam Ray
  32. Ian Harris
  33. Dave Martin
  34. Alex Nussbaum
  35. Ed Hill
  36. Marion Grodin
  37. Harry Doupe
Here's hoping our 2014 brings more awesome guests and scintillating conversation. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw an article on the BBC website saying comedians have high levels of psychotic traits. So don't feel bad about the number of guests, probably better to err on the side of caution with these people!