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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jan. 19: Peter 'n' Chris

Our first guests of 2014 are here! Our first guests of 2014 are here! Are you excited? They're not only first-timers on What's So Funny?, they're also homeboys. The three of us all went to the University of Victoria together. And by 'together', I mean at completely different times. I'm not sure what years they were there but I didn't see them when I was there. And I would have because as BMOC, everything centred around me.

Peter 'n' Chris also have surnames. Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson have only been performing sketch comedy together since 2009 but have already won a Canadian Comedy Award, been nominated for others, played the Just For Laughs festival and sketch festivals all around North America. And now they get to perform in Vancouver's very own Sketch Comedy Festival, which takes place Jan. 23-25. They have an in, though, since Carlone is the Artistic Director.

We'll talk about Peter, we'll talk about Chris, we'll talk about Peter 'n' Chris, and we'll talk about the festival. So tune in tonight at 11 pm PT to CFRO 100.5 in Vancouver. Or livestream the station at

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