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Monday, January 27, 2014

Podcast episode 336ish: Harry Doupe

This was a long time coming. Sorry about that. But it's sweeter with the wait, isn't it? I had one email from a listener asking when we'd get the episode up. And I spoke to one comic who couldn't wait for the podcast so he cheated by going to the radio station archives. Unfortunately, that only records the first hour and this puppy went about 90 minutes. So here it is in all its glory.

Harry Doupe was our last live guest of 2013. He recently moved back to BC after 20 years living in Toronto. He spoke of his hoarding, told us what it's like working as a writer on the Junos, the Geminis and for the Olympics, we tested his encyclopedic knowledge of sports and music, and he tells tales of Paula Poundstone, Mike Bullard, Robbie Robertson, Burton Cummings, Stan Mikita, Norm Macdonald, and David Foster.

In case you've forgotten how to do this, you can listen right here and right now by clicking below, or you can head on over to Stitcher or iTunes or Podcastland. The podcast world is your oyster. We're good to go at all those places.

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