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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mar. 2: Shauna Johannesen & James Danderfer

It's Oscar night so we have two filmmakers in studio with us. Last night, Shauna Johannesen and James Danderfer, both former WSF? guests on their own, premiered their 15-minute short film at the Crazy8s Gala at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts. Over 1000 people roared their approval for Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story. I loved it. So fun and funny and bright.

James Danderfer conceived it, Shauna Johannesen birthed (wrote) it, James composed the music, Shauna starred in it, and they both produced it. (It also co-starred 3-time What's So Funny? guest Toby Hargrave.) You might know Shauna as the "Shut the front door!" reporter on the A&W commercials; James, of course, is a jazz clarinetist extraordinaire with many CDs to his name.

We'll get all the details tonight about the Crazy8s process, what it's like working together as husband and wife, and where they go from here. Maybe we'll see them at the Oscars one day.

Tune in tonight to CFRO, Vancouver Co-op radio, 100.5 FM at 11pm to midnight. If you're out of earshot, you can always livestream us at

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