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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Podcast episode 342ish: Mounties (Hawksley Workman, Ryan Dahle & Steve Bays)

Are you ready to rock?! You better be because we've got Mounties on this very special podcast episode. You know, the rock band. The super-group. All three members are present and accounted for. Prior to their first ever Canadian tour (or tour anywhere), Hawksley Workman, Ryan Dahle, and Steve Bays stopped by the What's So Funny? studios for close to two hours. Gollywonkers, that's a long one. Sure, maybe it's a tad self-indulgent, but there are three of them. At 1 hour 48 minutes, that works out to a mere 36 minutes per Mountie.

It's not all music talk, don't you worry. No questions about musical influences or how they met. Rather it's a wide-ranging (read: all over the map) talk about things like Steve Bays' pet rabbit, Ryan Dahle's favourite teacher, and Hawksley Workman's favourite sitcom. We also gabbed about funny dads (they all have one, it turns out), memorizing Jerry Seinfeld routines, how merch takes the fun out of the music business, how boogie-woogie music makes you cool, and growing up in the 1940s. We also find out which Mountie isn't a big fan of Hall & Oates.

If you haven't already, go buy Mounties' album Thrash Rock Legacy. It's on iTunes. I bought it and love it. That's a high compliment because I know my rock'n'roll... It's still called rock'n'roll, isn't it? And while you're at it, go back and get some Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, Limblifter, Age of Electric, or any of Hawksley's previous incarnations. They're all the bee's knees, as the kids are saying.

Get started right here by clicking below. Or go to all the usual podcast outlets to download the episode. You know, Stitcher, PodcastLand, iTunes, et. al.

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