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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Podcast episode 349ish: Graeme Duffy

I've got a brand new podcast episode for you. Excited? No, it's not the Rich Elwood episode. Unfortunately, the downside of being the first guest in the new studio is that there are technical issues at play. So Rich and I are going to re-record something in the next few weeks. It'll be a podcast exclusive. In the meantime, we go to our second guest in the new studio. Graeme Duffy is not only one of the top improvisers around, he's also, I found out on this night, that we went to the same high school. As if that wasn't exciting enough, we talk about his love affair with Colin Mochrie (they've kissed lipo a lipo on more than one occasion), his experience being a bad waiter, his appreciation of expressionless acting, and we go down the list of activities an improviser should do to see how he stacks up. Good fun.

It's all right here for your listening and dancing pleasure. Being the second guest, there were also technical issues. I won't go into details but it's completely listenable. See for yourself. Click below or download at your favourite podcast repositories like iTunes, PodcastLand, and Stitcher.

If you're having trouble seeing the gizmo below, chances are it's your server. I'm using Chrome. Not sure what else supports it. You could also click on the hyperlinks for PodcastLand and Stitcher. Or failing all that, head over to the iTunes store. They're often slow getting episodes up but they show up eventually.

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