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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oct. 5: Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden was in town a couple weeks ago headlining at Yuk Yuk's. I go way back with Alonzo, more than ten years. I've interviewed him a few times and once matched up with him in an artists vs industry basketball game at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. He was a handful. He dunked on me. But I managed to score on him, too. Can't remember who won the game but let's go with my team. I could be wrong.

We sat in an empty Yuk Yuk's on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and reminisced about that game. We also talked basketball in general and jazz, but I don't want you to give it a pass just because of that. I actually edited out a lot from both topics. We also got into issues, such as his success in Canada, the problem with ESPN and football, Miley Cyrus, growing up as a black teenager and having a gun pointed at him by the police, Condoleezza Rice, racism, having FOX News approach him to be a right wing black comic, past demons, and which season was the best on Last Comic Standing.

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