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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Podcast episode 363ish: Michael Teigen

Another day, another podcast episode. Look, it's feast or famine around these parts. This one is ripped right from Sunday's headlines. My official audition to replace Jian Ghomeshi. Or not. But we had lots of fun with Michael Teigen, a guy I've never really talked to before but have seen many times with the Vancouver TheatreSports League. He's the creator of their current production, The Superheroes Show. It's been seven years in the making, as he tells it. I've also seen Teigen in some of his many animal movies. He's been in numerous Buddies movies. You know, the kid films starring five pooches. We also talked about his years in New York, his stint in dinner theatre, and his advice for young improvisers.

Here's the show in its entirety (they're all in their entirety but I run out of ways to say it). You can listen here, if your server allows you to see the audio gizmo below, or head on over to your favourite iPod depository and download it to you device. iTunes, Stitcher, etc. You know the drill.

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