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Monday, October 13, 2014

Podcast episode 361ish: Alonzo Bodden

Here's the Alonzo Bodden episode you've been longing for. I believe he's on another What's So Funny? episode but he had to share it with other interviews I did at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal years ago. This time he gets the full hour. And we make good use of it, talking about his knowledge of Canada, bad basketball, smooth jazz, pop culture, Condoleezza Rice, racism, drugs, Dennis Miller, and which was the best season of Last Comic Standing (hint: he's biased). It's the very definition of wide-ranging. The only thing we didn't talk about was the kidney he donated to his brother earlier this year, because why would you? (Plus I'm an idiot and forgot.) Enjoy.

Listen right here right now or download the episode at iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, etc. Wherever fine podcasts are dispensed.

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