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Monday, November 3, 2014

Podcast episode 364ish: Peter Greyy

I told you there'd be a quick turnaround with this one. It aired on radio late last night and it's already out as a podcast. Record time! So you know all about it. Let's see, was there anything I didn't cover in yesterday's write-up for Peter Greyy? I know I asked him about the spelling of his surname... We talked about comedy hosting... deejaying... news anchor taglines... comedy contest judging... the Bremerton Effect... and lots more. Plus if you're a comic looking to do the Seattle or San Francisco competition, maybe there's some useful info for you.

Check it out here. Or go download the episode at iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, etc. And subscribe! And leave a comment and rating! And all that.


pg said...

Any podcast that starts with a relevant sample from a Monkees song is ok in my book!

pg said...

Gerry Dee also won the SFCC.

pg said...

Two more loose ends...

The 39th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition, which was happening when this was recorded, has ended...the champion is Kabir Singh. (Top Canadian finisher this year was Edmonton's Lars Callieou who finished 3rd.)

And the issues with GoDaddy continue, so the official Seattle International Comedy Competition website is now found at: (rather than the old .com address.)