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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Podcast episode 368ish: Darren Frost

Are you ready for another pre-pod? This is something I'm doing now with pre-recorded shows. I'll drop the podcast episode before the radio episode airs. I hope no one minds. Today we've got my latest conversation with Toronto comic Darren Frost. Darren thought this was his fourth appearance on the show, but further research proves it was his fifth. A high honour, indeed, for an out-of-towner. We had a fun wide-ranging talk that included his opinion that standup is, if not dying, then evolving, his marriage to Mark Breslin, his funnypants era, werewolf babies, working with bigtime movie stars, jumping the shark career-wise, the death of his podcast, and, of course, his nominations at the latest Canadian Comedy Awards.

So get a jump on the radio show and listen to this one today. Click below. Or, if you don't see it (some servers are weird, let's face it), go check out iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, TuneIn, Player.FM, or even the Danish site And if all else fails, let Google be your friend.


Anonymous said...

No Mp3?

Guy MacPherson said...

I'm not following, Anonymous. What do you mean?