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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Podcast episode 366ish: Orny Adams

Here's a What's So Funny? first: We're releasing this episode as a podcast before it hits the air! (We'll air it on radio this coming Sunday.) But I wanted to get this one out as soon as possible because not only do I think it's pretty great, but it's also much longer than usual, clocking in at just under 1 hour 47 minutes. It's also got a pretty good backstory, this one, which I explain in the intro.

Any serious fan of comedy knows the name Orny Adams. There's only one Orny, afterall. Any non-serious comedy fan probably knows him from his role as the lacrosse coach on Teen Wolf. But I, like many of you, first saw him in Jerry Seinfeld's documentary Comedian, which came out in 2002. And this is at the heart of the aforementioned backstory.

I interviewed Adams by phone last year and wrote about him in the Straight. You can read that article here. Orny had issues with it. We hashed it out over email but in a very constructive and positive manner. And he said if he was ever in Vancouver again, he'd gladly do my show. He's good on his word. We had a really nice conversation. He, himself, thought it was the best podcast he's done, content-wise.

So I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you love talk about comedy. The guy lives and breathes it.

Stream it here or go download it at iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, Player.FM,, etc. etc. You know the drill.

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