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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 inventory

Happy New Year everyone. It's that time of year again where we take stock of our previous year. Let's recap, shall we?

I started keeping yearly track of things (essentially since the start of this blog) back in 2009. That year, we did 42 shows in the year. Not bad at all. Of course, we were on every week on the radio, but I'm counting just the new shows with live or recorded guests.

In 2010, that number dropped to 38 shows.

In 2011, we upped our game to 44 shows. That included a total of 53 guests since some weeks we had multiple guests.

In 2012, we were in the ballpark with a total of 41 shows (and 47 total guests.)

In 2013, we dipped all the way down to 35 shows (and 37 guests).

So how does 2014 stack up? Let's crunch the numbers. Drum-roll please...

Well, it wasn't our lowest output. But it was close. We weighed in with 36 shows (and 39 total guests). Thanks to all our guests in 2014:

  1. Peter Carlone
  2. Chris Wilson
  3. Mike Storck
  4. Shirley Gnome
  5. Kwasi Thomas
  6. Shauna Johannesen
  7. James Danderfer
  8. Steve Bays
  9. Hawksley Workman
  10. Ryan Dahl
  11. John Cullen
  12. Ross Dauk
  13. Donovan Patrick Mahoney
  14. Kyle Bottom
  15. Iliza Shlesinger
  16. Rich Elwood
  17. Graeme Duffy
  18. Ryan Lachance
  19. Wes Barker
  20. Alicia Tobin
  21. Gerry Swallow
  22. Garrett Clark
  23. Denise Jones
  24. Darcy Michael
  25. Tim Rykert
  26. Sean Lecomber
  27. Dana Alexander
  28. Alonzo Bodden
  29. Kevin Banner
  30. Michael Teigen
  31. Peter Greyy
  32. Art Factora
  33. Mike MacDonald
  34. Orny Adams
  35. Darren Frost
  36. Mark Forward
  37. Ken Lawson
  38. Matt Besser
  39. Harry Doupe

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