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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jan. 4: Ron Vaudry

It's a new year! We've got a new guest! Tonight on the radio we've got a first-timer to the show, but no stranger to standup stages the world over. Ron Vaudry is one of Canada's comedy pioneers. I've never met the man but have seen him perform a few times many years ago. The Montreal native spent most of his Canadian career in Toronto and would occasionally find himself in the far reaches of the country. I remember seeing him at Yuk Yuk's and the Jupiter. I guess somewhere around that time he went off to conquer Europe. He moved off to the UK where he's done TV and festivals and theatres. Not quite clear on the timeline but we'll ask him tonight. We also hope to find out why he's been in our humble burgh the past couple months. Is it permanent? Tune in tonight and find out.

We're on Co-op radio 100.5 FM and at 11 pm. Be there.

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