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Friday, January 30, 2015

Podcast episode 376ish: Garrett Clark

Garrett Clark, we hardly knew ye! The Aussie-lite Canadian standup first visited us five months ago. He's back again so soon to bid us a fond adieu as he's packing his bags and moving down to Los Angeles. We find out about his plans and he talks about his love of generic rock, his adult circumcision, and his disdain for movie extras, even though he is one himself on occasion. Best of all, he entertains us with spot-on impressions of Hank Hill, Jiminy Glick, Damonde Tschritter and Richard Lett.

You can listen to the whole thing for free! Right here! It's even free at iTunes and Stitcher and PodcastLand if you want to download it or subscribe. I say this in case you're new to podcasts. It's nothing special. That's how they all work.

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