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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Podcast episode 385ish: Goldie Hoffman

Every so often we do a super-long episode of What's So Funny? Not by design. It just happens. This is one of those times. Goldie Hoffman is no shrinking violet. She can't be contained in an hour, so this one runs 93 minutes. More bang for your buck. That is, if you paid anything for these. In this episode, the actor/comedian explains why Vancouver isn't a real city but rather one filled with "townies," discusses the problem with progressives* (of whom she counts herself among), and rails against taxes on tampons. She also talks about growing up in what she calls the "cult" of Hasidic Judaism and being one of ten (10!) children. She even names them all. This episode brought to you by the Truth.

* To get up to speed, read the excellent essay she wrote on the subject on her blog.

You can stream it here or if you'd rather, go download it iTunes or Stitcher or wherever fine podcasts are dispensed.

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