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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Podcast episode 386ish: Sean Lecomber

Here it is: Driving Miss Podcast. That's the name our guest, Sean Lecomber, suggested for this episode of What's So Funny?, and all future episodes where we use the roving studio (my car). I took Sean for a ride in this one. We drove around and talked about swimming Nazis, rude babies, flackseed penises, the land of rape and honey, opening with Jesus, and malcontent fetuses. That sounds horrible! But it isn't. The context is pure delight, trust me.

You can hop in the backseat and listen in by clicking our handy-dandy link below. Or, if your browser is not showing it, go over to iTunes or Stitcher and the like where you'll be able to download it and listen to your heart's content.

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