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Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17: Mark B. Hughes & Jason Kryska

Put the kids to bed early tonight. We've got a couple of comics on who love to push boundaries. Not sure what boundaries will be pushed tonight on the radio, but they for sure will be doing that at the Comedy Shocker presents: Downward Spiral at the Rickshaw Theatre on July 4. It's a tripe-X show but we'll knock at least one of the X's off for our show tonight. Mark B. Hughes is, by his own admission, a "bad boy" with the drugs, alcohol and willingness to do crime removed. And Jason Kryska is billed as "fat and dirty." His words, not mine. He's kinda new to Vancouver, I hear. I've never met either of these fine gentlemen so I'll learn along with you tonight.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM. If you're not near a radio, listen online at or TuneIn Radio.

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