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Monday, May 18, 2015

Podcast episode 388ish: Chad Daniels

Chad Daniels is one of the funniest standup comics working. Anywhere. The fact he still lives in the middle of nowhere proves it. The Fergus Falls, Minnesota, citizen headlines everywhere and crushes everywhere. He's good enough to be out of the glare of show business yet still be an in-demand comic in clubs and on late night talk shows. In this podcast episode, he talks about why he still lives there and what it means for his career. We also discuss his reputation as a loveable asshole, why he wants to pop his kid in the face, getting attacked on stage, unfair comparisons to Louis C.K., and how a sprained ankle changed the course of his career. The episode is brought to you by Communication.

Stream the episode here, if you can see the gizmo. Or go to iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever fine podcasts are dispensed.

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