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Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21: Jesse Joyce

Happy Father's Day, fathers, if you go for that kinda thing. No fathers on the show tonight (except for me). Our guest is standup comedian/writer Jesse Joyce, who was in town a couple weeks ago headlining the Comedy MIX. Joyce was writing partners with the late great Greg Giraldo on the Comedy Central Roasts. He hasn't performed on one (yet) but has written for and performed on others (see below). His reputation has grown to the point where he's writing for the likes of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Dave Attell, Jim Norton, Jeff Dunham and... Matt Lauer. He tells us his story tonight, which includes living for a year in an Irish convent. Makes sense, right?

Join us, won't you? We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Or you can livestream us at from anywhere on the globe that has internet.

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Anonymous said...

I just checked the BBC website and its headline story is that Obama dropped the n-bomb on Marc Maron's podcast. So... I'm assuming the BBC website has been hacked?!