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Monday, June 8, 2015

Podcast episode 389ish: Mark B. Hughes & Jason Kryska

Here's an episode with a couple of raw dogs: Mark Hughes and Jason Kryska. These bad boys perform comedy that tilts toward the dark, but their backstories couldn't be more different. Jason has lived a button-down life and been married for 18 long years; Mark has overcome a heroin and cocaine addiction that landed him ten years in the slammer. Another difference? Hughes has performed comedy in the nude (and will again on June 13 at 303 Columbia in Exposed!: A Night of Naked Comedy), whereas Jason doesn't even like to see himself naked, let alone anyone else seeing him. The two are the creators of Comedy Shocker and they're putting on another show July 4 at the Rickshaw called Downward Spiral. Check it out. No nudity in that one. Not planned, anyway.

But first, have a listen to the podcast. You can do it right now, as a matter of fact, by clicking below. Or go download it at iTunes or wherever else you download podcasts.

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